Money Transport: More Than Security

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Money transport companies provide so much more than just a safe way to move money. When a business hires a money transport company, it provides the convenience of having a bank show up at your door, lessens the risk to your employees of being robbed, and gives you peace of mind knowing your profits are secure.


Sometimes, it’s hard for a business owner or employee to make the day’s deposit before the banks close. Money transport services take care of this problem by effectively bringing the bank to the business.

Some businesses keep the amount of cash on the premises low by making random deposits several times a day. This may help deter crime, but it takes up a large around of time. Using a cash transport service saves time, which saves money, and allows more productive flexibility in the work day.


Money is most at risk of theft while en route between the business and the bank. This also means increased risk for the person transporting the money. One way to help protect employees is to use a money transport service.

Drivers and security personal for money transport firms are trained to deal with threats, unlike many business managers and employees who might be moving money. Using a cash transport service helps keep people safe, as well as securing money.


When you work hard for something, you want to keep it safe and using a money transport service provides a simple way to secure and protect a business’s profits. This is the main selling-point of cash transport services – they provide a secure way to get valuables from point A to point B.

Money transport companies use a variety of armored vehicles, like the ones supplied by Armortek, to secure valuables. This armor protects from attackers, and additional security features like an optional smoke screen system allow for a quick getaway in case of attempted robbery.


The safety and security side of money transport is where Armortek excels. Our transport vehicles include armored trucks and vans designed specifically for the secure transportation of cash, gems, bullion and other valuables. In-stock models are available, as well as customized trucks and vans.

A standard quotation for transport vehicles includes armoring on windows, walls and doors. Floor and ceiling armor can also be added. Self-locking doors, dead bolts, and Medico high-security key cylinders are included to increase the security of the vehicle and protect both the people inside and the money being transported.

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